Letter to the Editor: Confronting Whiteness

“We are living in a time when connections to whiteness are often used to uphold white supremacy. We must own our connections to other white people in order to acknowledge our relationship to white supremacy and work towards its abolishment. We, as white people, must collectively create spaces to grapple with our unique position within whiteness, including the ways we may be marginalized through other systems of power. This process involves targeting whiteness while acknowledging other aspects of our intersectional existences—our relationships to anti-blackness, patriarchy, capitalism, settler-colonialism, imperialism, heterosexism, cis-sexism, and anti-Semitism.”

On Whiteness: Positionality, Sacrifice, and Collective Responsibility

“We, as white people, must display urgency and determination in our individual and collective work, take decisive steps towards understanding, feeling, and acting from a critical understanding of our positionalities; risking the access in which we so deeply invest — access which comes at the cost of other people’s safety, humanity, and life; and take responsibility for our actions and the collective actions of all people who are categorized as white.”

We Are Failing: Reflections on the Lack of Preparedness of White People in Conversations about Race

“What would it look like for white people to come prepared to conversations about race?”